[PROJECT] MBLAQ 3rd Anniversary 100% A+ Mosaic

MBLAQ’s 3 year anniversary is coming up on October 15th! This year we’ve decided to do something very special for our BLAQies! We’re going to create a photo mosaic of all A+! The photos A+ send to us will be made into a large photo!

All that we ask is that you send us a photo of yourself holding a sign/message congratulating MBLAQ on their 3 year anniversary! For those of you who are shy, you can just send in the photo of the sign/message. We will need a lot of photos for this project to be a success so please spread the word~


Let’s wish A+ a happy 3 year anniversary through this photo mosaic!

you can  tag  your pict via  my fb  darkcloud >> http://www.facebook.com/lyra.azalea

or send it to  mblaqattack@hotmail.com


annyeong memberdeul…:D

kali ini page Mblaq (A+) Indonesia bekerjasama dengan MBA (Mblaqattack) untuk menyambut 3rd Anniversary MBLAQ.

Kita akan membuat foto mosaic dari A+. Foto yang di kirim oleh semua A+ akan di gabung menjadi satu sehingga menjadi sebuah foto ukuran besar.

Tulis pesan kalian untuk MBLAQ, kemudian kalian berfoto dengan membawa pesan tersebut.

Kita membutuhkan banyak foto untuk project ini.

so please spread the word~


Let’s wish A+ a happy 3 year anniversary through this photo mosaic!


foto bisa kalian tag via fb mimin darkcloud >> http://www.facebook.com/lyra.azalea

Deadline :  October 1st, 2012


Gambarsource : http://www.facebook.com/notes/mblaq-a-indonesia/project-100-a-mosaic/460300173992278

Tentang APlus Semarang

We are MBLAQ Fanbase from Semarang, Indonesia share all info, Picture, Video about MBLAQ ^o^
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