[PROJECT] MBLAQ 3rd Anniversary MBLAQ in the A+mazon

A project celebrating MBLAQ’s birthdays!

For MBLAQ’s birthdays this year (and next February/March for Joon and Mir), we have decided to do something very special for the boys! This idea was given to us by our staff Julie, who, after reading Seungho’s tweet about wanting a tiger, thought it would be a nice idea to adopt a tiger for him! Beyond that, we also decided adopting an animal for each of the other members would be great as well! So, the adoptions will go as follows:


Untuk ulang tahun MBLAQ tahun ini ( Februari /Maret untuk Joon dan Mir), kami telah memutuskan untuk melakukan sesuatu yang sangat istimewa untuk MBLAQ.  setelah membaca tweet seungho, tentang dia ingin memelihara harimau, maka kami mendapat ide untuk mengadopsi harimau untuk seungho. dan kami juga akan mengadopsi binatang untuk member lain saat ulang tahun mereka.


GO           : CROCODILE

JOON       : RED FOX


MIR          : MEERKAT

We hope all A+ can help us make this project a success! MBLAQ is a very charitable group, and us A+ love supporting MBLAQ. Through these donations, we not only get to support MBLAQ with a very meaningful species adoption, but we get to celebrate their birthdays with them!

Every donation amount counts! A+ let’s do this~ ^^

Deadline for Seungho, G.O, & Thunder donations ($300): October 15th, 2012

Deadline for Joon and Mir’s donations ($200): February 15th, 2013

ps : send pm to http://www.facebook.com/lyra.azalea


source: http://www.facebook.com/notes/mblaq-a-indonesia/mblaq-in-the-amazon/460421533980142


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