[NEWS] 120908 MBLAQ’s G.O revealed his chest hair to beat Lee Joon in search rankings?


MBLAQ‘s G.O. revealed the hilarious story behind the exposing of his chest hair on tv.

On September 7th broadcast of SBS‘ ‘Go Show‘, G.O. was asked about the phrase ‘ripped his clothes to beat Lee Joon‘ that would pop up as a related search term under his name.

G.O. revealed, “I was sensitive about search ranking. Even though we are members of the same group, the search ranking was different for each member. I was always in the lower ranks. When we were promoting ‘Y‘, Lee Joon exposed his skin so much that our representative always went to apologize to the PD. However, I was envious of Lee Joon for he always remained in the top 10 search terms because of that.”

He continued, “So I decided to try it out myself. But I have chest hair. If I undo one button then it doesn’t show, but if I unbutton two, it shows. I even practiced it. Undoing up to one button was sexy. After that, I ripped open my shirt on stage, but I accidentally put in too much force so I ended up undoing two buttons [instead of one].

My chest hair is like Brad Pitt’s. So from that moment on, I thought ‘Whatever’ and just went on with it. After the broadcast, I went online using my phone and found that I was ranked number one on search rankings. It was even during soccer season, but soccer was ranked number two and I was ranked number one. I liked being number one, but then I read articles about me and saw comments like ‘Dirty’ and ‘What is he doing,’” he concluded as the studio was brought to laughter with the singer’s frank confession.

He then added, “I realized after that, that even if I’m an issue, it’s better to be a good sort of issue,” to the amusement of the audience and the other guests.

Source+Picture: Newsen via Nate

Source/Translated: All Kpop
Reuploaded: iloveasia @ mblaqattack.net


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