[NEWS] 120908 MBLAQ’s G.O sings an emotional song on Immortal Classics


MBLAQ’s G.O returned to KBS’s Immortal Classics 2 again but couldn’t take first place.

In the September 8 episode of the show, G.O appeared on stage for the first time and sang one of Choi Sung Soo’s songs.

G.O gave an interview, “Hello, I’m G.O. I couldn’t sleep last night because I was so nervous.”

G.O made the audience laugh by saying, “I have something in common with Choi Sung Soo. We both are handsome and handsome people can sing very well. I will give a great performance today.”

G.O showed off his deep emotional voice. His calm vocals impressed the public. When he finished singing the song, all the singers on the show and the audience applauded him with hearty cheers.

Choi also added, “I was thinking that I should have rearranged the song like this at the time. If I did, the song would have been very popular.”

Even though G.O put his energy into the song , Simon D ranked first on the show.

Source: Xsportsnews
Translated: dkrogers @ korea.com


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