[CHAT] 129020 Mir talking in the chatroom



Hello keke
So in the end the words are still off,,
I said it might be the extended pool, kekeke
How is everyone doing? keke
hmm, kekekekekekeke
It sounds fun, kekeke
Our comeback?kekeke
Just anticipate, keke
I got a question to ask, kekeke
Tiny Farm if the time needed for the sheep to grow is 4 hours, so even if you want to level you still need to continue for 4 hours?
103 is the end???
Hmm,,, it feels like shooting,,,
Nowadays the amount of sleep and wake up time is around the amount of rice given, kekekeke
It’s not Ani Pang,, kekeke
I have not heard about Iphone,,
But I am not going, kekeke
Kakao messages keeps on coming,-_-,,
What is that that??
Cannot, kekeke
Distraught after once rumor, kekeke
I really do not have one for Yokohama concert,,-_-?
Why am I the only one who have not met??
Right now my hair is too long and it needs to be tied up,,,
I wanted to go to the barber it’s crazy,,kekekekeke
The photos that Mirmi took are like Gulf of Maine,keke
The next album concept,keke
As old as the number of time Gavy NJ noonas went on stage in the old times,kekeke
Idol Manager episode 5 is fun,kekeke
It does not hurt,keke
It does not hurt at all,kekeke
What are you talking about??
But when??
The album originally cannot pass within one two months,kekeke
Already like that? Oh,,-_-;;;
Originally album cannot pass before 6~7 months,,
This time round Asia Tour what are you doing I was really busy,kekeke
What did you know>kekekeke
In the meantime I would like to go to sleep like that,ㅠㅠㅠ
As soon as I went to Vietnam my schedules are being washed but today I have lots of schedules till at night,kekeke
I am about to go,kekeke
To go see the song gallery,keke

Source: 연화솔이 via @humi0928
Translated/Reuploaded: SilenceLuv@mblaqattack.net


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