[NEWS] 121219 MBLAQ’s Mir Lied to His Mother about Making 1 Billion Won [Soompi]


Boy idol group MBLAQ’s Mir apologized to his mother on the SBS talk show “Strong Heart” about lying that he earned 1 billion won.

Mir explained, “I lied to my mom, telling her I made 1 billion won. I wanted to correct myself, but she hung up after screaming. Then I called her immediately back, but she didn’t answer. I found out that she was telling about it to all of her friends. She still thinks that I have 1 billion won.”

He then looked into the camera and said, “Mom, there is no 1 billion won, but I will give it to you soon.”

For the special Christmas episode, “Strong Heart” invited many well-known celebrities including Yoon Shi Yoon, Park Shin Hye, Kim Ji Hoon, Lee Gi Yong, Park Eun Ji, Ji Sook of Rainbow and many more





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